Hello web-world!

Perhaps it is the residual ‘Gen X’ sensibilities I have, but the concept of blogging seems both strange and self indulgent. In saying that, this is awesome and I’m excited already.

What prompted to share my life with the web-world* is my rapidly approaching departure to the Philippines to be an Australian Youth Ambassador for Development. The job I will be doing in theory is similar to my career in Australia in online marketing and communication. However working in web development on an island that often has no electricity will be the polar opposite of my working conditions in air conditioned offices in Sydney.

So sit back and enjoy the future rants of a very urban and somewhat prissy girl in the jungles and fishing villages of Samar Island. 

*Only a fifth of the world”s population currently has access to the internet. See The next several billion

One thought on “Hello web-world!

  1. hi jennifer. i was reading the latest issue of macquarie globe and i read that you are leaving the newsletter to work in the philippines. i’m filipino and i live in manila. if you need any help in tagalog or settling in or whatever just give me a buzz okay? hope you enjoy your stay here and i wish you all the best.

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