A ‘brown-out’ to welcome me

Mabuhay! After an earth-shatteringly early start (woke up at 2.30am for my flight!) I am in Catarman, Northern Samar in the Visayas. Ate* Joelyn, my manager, met me at the airport and took me to JolliBee for a hearty breakfast of cheese burger and chips where I met her husband and two boys. I feel a natural chemistry between Ate Joe and I, she is a woman of character, strength and is a real free spirit. Very committed to community-based local economic development and not afraid to try a different approach.

Now that the electricity has kicked back in (in other words, the ‘brown out’ is over), I can recharge my cell – I think one of the hardest parts of this assignment will be learning American English, an oxymoron. And also working in web development with no electricity! 

*Ate means older sister. In the Philippines, terms of respect are reflected though family associations so it is common to call coworkers big bother, uncle etc.

One thought on “A ‘brown-out’ to welcome me

  1. hi jen,

    miss you. it has been three months since you left the office. i am alone in our office space now. i miss our chats and our “tuesday night” exchanges.

    wish you well.

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