Philippines: 7, 107 islands, 7,101 islands, 6,998 islands …

Climate Change has already begun to hit the Pines in various negative ways with more doom and gloom in the post if we don’t turn this mother around.

With climate change will come water shortages and decreases in agricultural yield and food security which is already a major issue for the Philippines, especially with the latest typhoons hitting Luzon – a major agricultural hub. Health will be threatened by heat stress and increased chances of exposure to infectious diseases via mozzies and other nasties. The idea of Samar becoming any hotter makes me shiver in a puddle of my own sweat (being one of the only constants living here, back sweat my perpetual companion).

At the moment the Philippines is 7,107 islands – those living in low-lying coastal areas will become climate refugees as their homes are destroyed by rising sea levels and wild typhoons and storms. And tourism, an important source of income for many, will decline.

Climate change will also bring more extreme weather, from floods to droughts, forest fires to tropical cyclones. I must confess I get a perverse thrill out of typhoons, only because I am safe in a nice concrete home, not a palm leaf and bamboo hut in a rice field. For the rural poor, the experience must be terrifying. I feel particularly guilty when I hear the death toll after the event, usually caused by flooding and mudslides (illegal logging, forest degradation, down the dark spiral it goes …)

But there are some pissed off Pinoys that are sick of their government’s inaction and taking matters into their own hands. For further info and events visit There are also some really innovative companies like Green Renewable Independent Power Producer Inc (GRIPP) who are involved in multiple green initiatives including electric jeepneys in Manila. 

As for the Australian government – 5% reduction target is pissweak. For a man to lecture the rest of the world at the UN General Assembly on the need to act now then set a ridiculously low target for one of the wealthiest countries in the world who has now over-taken the USA as one of the greatest producers of carbon dioxide emissions per capita. Pissweak … Not Happy Kev! Step up and be the Prime Minister I thought I voted for. 

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One thought on “Philippines: 7, 107 islands, 7,101 islands, 6,998 islands …

  1. Unfortunately for you, climate change is not anthropogenic. And of all the nations to go under, it may as well be the Philippines.

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