Where are all the men?

 Or should I say – why don’t men give a shit?

No, this is not some hardcore neo-feminist attack breaking the balls of all men who dare tread the earth but simply an observation.

Once upon a time I worked in international education in an office of around one hundred people. Roughly 80% of the office was women. Education = usually more women than men.

Then I volunteered with AusAID; in my intake to the Philippines there were 7 women and 2 guys, the last intake was 10 women (can you see where this rant is heading …)

Are men lazy, or they just don't care?

Are men lazy, or they just don't care about the environment?

I now work for an NGO, once again the same staff numbers and ratio as working in international education with men at the executive level.

Then last night I went to a free workshop about green renting and there were NO MEN AT ALL. It couldn’t have been an off-putting venue as it was at the pub and also had free pizza. Not even the alluring combination of being in a room full of beer, pizza and women could entice the men out of hiding. Don’t men know that women find altruism sexy?

Is the pull of money to great for men to resist? That can’t be right either, I know plenty of men who ride bikes to work, have eco-type jobs in bush regen, own worm farms, recycle and in short ‘do their bit’. Men are not ‘all bastards’ as the cliché goes, but where are they?

Should men be encouraged into the non-profit sector or should women continue to dominate the industry? Both men and women express high levels of commitment and satisfaction with their work for non-profit organisations. But inequality exists for women even in an industry we dominate – when leaving the sector men more often cite “pull factors” (such as a desire to pursue other opportunities, including those outside the non-profit sector) whereas women tend to cite “push factors” (such as having no room to advance in their current organisation).

And the burning issue, why do guys in non-for-profits have such bad shoes?

I’m aware of the bundle of contradictions I possess: although I want to minimise my environmental footprint I believe beautiful shoes is one of my fundamental human rights. However, to those guys out there who are armchair environmentalists or think smoking a bong equates to being eco-friendly – step up and take a little more interest in the world around you!

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