3 and an “Oh dear lord”…


3 and an 0. And the 0 appears to have become an “Oh…”

“Oh I think it’s great that you still go out clubbing.” Yes, I do too, that’s why I’m still doing it.

“Oh I remember when I turned thirty, everything really settled into place.” Yes, that’s what happened when you turned thirty, not me.

“Oh, so what are you going to do now?”

Same thing I have always done, continue to think, read, eat blue cheese, look down on boys with their bony arses hanging out of their pants, flirt with the guy at the bottle shop, maintain a certain enviro-smugness by not driving a car, twitter, have a loud and distinct laugh that can be heard within a 5km radius; in short, be me. Today is very similar to yesterday and I presume tomorrow as well.

However, the day has not been the same as every day. It’s not every day that I feel the love and attention of so many people from around the world, it’s quite humbling. The chocolate milkshakes, texts, offers of dances from middle aged women, a snuggie, wonderful food and company … thanks to all who have wished me well on this relatively ordinary winters day.


3 thoughts on “3 and an “Oh dear lord”…

  1. Oh I’ll tell you what 30 is all about. More of being ‘you’. And the more ‘you’ you get to be the more ‘you’ you get. Of course you could duck off, find a rich husband, have 2.4 (or is it .3) kiddlyacks and buy a house in Baulkam Hills with a fat front door and a couple of lions to mark the front gate but don’t forget to have a very expensive wedding on the harbour first. That’ll keep the distant aunts and long lost cousins thinking your folks raised a good child. Geez lets pretend was more fun when we were kiddlyacks.
    Good luck with the bottle shop guy. Hope he’s building an empire. 😛

  2. Here’s to wearing costumes that have added padding on our hips and arses. And to playing Jenga in the pub. And to drinking wine until the sun comes up. Sounds like a pretty awesome 30 to me.

    PS – Will the bottle shop guy help you change the ‘Oh dear Lord’ into ‘Oh, oh, ohhhhhhh’?

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