Breaking the silence

It has been a long time coming, mainly because I think blogs purely written from a place of anger are totally inane. For the past month or so, or whenever the GG allowed the PM to have an election with the blood and tears of Kevin still staining the carpet, I have been one angry and dismayed little sausage.

Tony Abbott is actually in with a chance tomorrow, small, but still a chance. WTF? He is the moron version of Howard. Now most of you know I found many of the Howard era’s policies terrible, but at least I could say with authority John Howard is a very clever (and cunning) politician. If Abbott gets in we will suffer the same fate as enlighten American souls who go travelling and have some myopic individual blame them for George Bush, McDonalds and Iraq.  You voted him in therefore you must be as stupid as your leader.

This is a major concern as I will be living abroad if Abbott is elected, I will become an ethical refugee.

And I’m not the only person I’ve heard say this. Perhaps Abbott will end up welcoming the boats because there is no one left in the country except for rednecks and far right Christian conservatives. What a vision for the country.

I hope Australia remembers the Real Abbott tomorrow


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