Oestrogen poison that is saturating, permeating and festering in Australian media

Damn it

I can’t stand you …

While you were on Q and A last night I was giving you the Julie Bishop treatment with my eyes blazing. Oh yes, tremble in fear Janet Albrechtsen.

On one hand you point the finger of blame of our hung parliament at the bland, poll-based election campaigns we saw unfold. But it was you Janet *insert stern finger point* who said Gillard is “showcasing a bare home and an empty kitchen as badges of honour and commitment to her career” and not knowing about how to meet “the needs of a husband or partner.” How the f*k would you know Janet? Did you ask Tim if he was getting any lately? Are you under the redhead’s bed dictaphone in hand? Of course she’s not screaming ‘oh God’, she’s an atheist, and heaven forbid she might be too busy running the damn country.

I don’t care how flattering her jacket line is, how much fruit is in her kitchen or her womb for that matter. I want policies, I want choice – and I want the media to be actual journalists again.

I have a dream – but that dream is hung.

3 thoughts on “Oestrogen poison that is saturating, permeating and festering in Australian media

  1. You know, I didn’t watch QandA last night because of her. There’s only so much yelling I can do at the television at that time of night before ManFriend suggests I turn it off.

    As for “meeting the needs of a husband or partner”, why don’t male politicians ever get asked if they meet the needs of their wife? Ah, because a good political wife doesn’t have needs – she just stands by her man’s side for photo opps to prove he understands women.

  2. That’s it. All this boo hoo glass ceiling, ‘men are to blame’ etc – I think women are often the worst offenders and Janet is just so incredibly nasty

  3. Ah, but that absolves men from any responsibility. I think that some women are nasty, and some men are too, and that we should steer clear of making judgements for an entire gender based on a few bad apples.

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