Men and their digits

You know when you have been living in a city for a long time when you can judge a man by his postcode.

Date #1: 2209 – Beverly Hills
General stats: Male, late 20s, works in IT in the city.

Mr 2209 takes me to Surry Hills (2010) thus putting a lot of distance between himself and his home turf. He seems quite lefty despite the fact that he looks like a young liberal and gets very passionate about the failed emissions trading scheme while he orders me another shiraz. Which all sounds good you would think, but then he attacks me for the Greens failure to pass the ETS. I thought by the dress I was wearing alone he could tell that I wasn’t Bob Brown.

Then the postcode arises, “if he lives that far away, he must live with his parents,” me thinks.

I am on the money, he talks up how he is always in Newtown (2042) and his folks are usually in Hong Kong. Thanks for a lovely night, please don’t contact me again.

Date #2: 2205 – Arncliffe
General stats: Male, late 30s, works in IT in the city.

Mr 2205 takes Miss 2042 (me) to Glebe (2037) and everything is split down the middle. I gag my inner feminist to a chair in the corner of my mind, it’s the first date – cough up buddy. Then the clogs start moving, “Arncliffe, for a guy who’s into foreign films and has a motor bike?” – light bulb moment – “this man has a mortgage!”

And yes indeedy do, after years and years of being a hedonistic tumbleweed across Europe, Mr 2205 wants to settle down. Settle down? *insert comic strip style roadrunner dust between my heels*

Date #3: This is a tricky one; he is close to home and therefore too close to home to talk about. Oh the intrigue, which Mr 2042/2016/2048 am I alluding to?

In all fairness I should point out that I am such a postcode cliché that it is beyond ridiculous – Miss 2042:

  • Has a Lily Allen style haircut
  • Loves Camper shoes
  • Works for an NGO
  • Has a worm-farm and a membership of Alfalfa House
  • Frequents the Courtie, Sando and Townie in the wee hours
  • Knows the staff at Sultan’s Table by their first names

Like all good pirates, I’ll stick to the ‘code. But they are just a guideline.

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