Twenty Jen: the year that was

In Frankie this month there was an interesting slice of life from a variety of creative Frankie-types (you know, people who like owls and craft), who wrote a list of twenty things from the past year. Pick up a pen and notepad and do it, let the word processor between your ears torrent a stream of consciousness and see what’s flappin about.

So with your permission I will self indulge and divulge the year that was 2010:

1. Jono and Aya’s traditional Shinto wedding in Japan, complete with dancing girls, Aya’s beautiful family, an earthquake, fugu and drunken karaoke.

2. She Bangs She Bangs fringe cut.

3. Moved back to Sydney much to everyone’s surprise, including my own.

4. Finally cast off my academic albatross and much like the fable felt a slight loss at the end but didn’t become an opium fiend.

5. Visited the parental’s home in Tautavel (remember that episode of Ab Fab when they are in France? Yep, it’s like that).

6. Sprung back from disastrous and hilarious bad boy times (remember Joel the skirt boy?)

7. Mastered the art of smutney.

8. Learnt to let go of unhealthy friendships and revelled in making new ones.

9. Countless wine times at the Warren and phos at Pho Sure.

10. My house husband claiming we have “the happiest worms in Enmore” (Yes, of course we do dear).

11. Have an amazing blue bike and flying V uke (courtesy of my lovely house husband).

12. Been humble in defeat.

13. Total music sublimation.

14. Happy, healthy family.

15. Was the spunkiest palaeontologist the world has ever seen, or at least the Townie has ever seen at 3am.

16. Unabated impulsive behaviour.

17. Been confused.

18. Rediscovered my inner hornbag hausfrau and love of craft.

19. Last day of Rainbow in a spoonbill soup of delight.

20. If all else fails, love, love and love x

You’ve read it, you can’t unread it but I heartily suggest that you do this little self exploration exercise.

4 thoughts on “Twenty Jen: the year that was

  1. The smear of Brownie – eewww. No smutney would be my delightful spice mango chuntney that I made, will include you in my next batch

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