“Papa Homer, you are so learn-ed”; “Learned, son. It’s pronounced learned.”

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.”
– Martin H. Fischer

Sitting in front of the interwebs all the time I guess I am constantly learning new things, social media tricks and gizmos, political situations, weather calamities and catastrophes and sometimes even some good news in developing countries.

But this week I sat in front of an eccentric academic (tautology?) with pen, paper, laptop and an inquisitive mind and realised how much I miss being a student.

This isn’t surprising if you add up all my school days – 13 years at school and 7 ½ years at university – that’s over 20 years of my life or 2/3rds of my existence. In addition to working at a university for 7 years, that is some serious time I’ve served in the line of education.

What am I learning? Video filming skills and editing on Final Cut Pro. I’m still rather green, accidently overwriting instead of inserting and those sort of slight slip of the mouse mistakes but I’m getting there. Nothing a Ctrl+Alt+Z wouldn’t fix, I mean Commmmmand+Z, quitting the PC habit of a lifetime.

We’ve also had a little play with Prezi – a zoom-in presentation tool which makes powerpoint look as dated as an overhead projector and Snapz Pro X which allows you to record anything on your screen, saving it as a QuickTime movie or screenshot that can be e-mailed or uploaded to the web. Fancy. We’ve also watched a lot of slightly dorky yet highly informative webinars from the 2 Reel Guys. All this info is out there for those who know how to find it but it is nice to take some time out of  day-to-day work to learn new skills as a group.

Or realising you can take the nerd out of uni, but you can’t take the urge to learn out of a nerd.

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