Back to Basics

I tried to think of a snazzier title for today’s blog, but then that would be defeating the whole purpose of this morning’s Fastbreak.

For the uninitiated, Fastbreak is a series of young, successful often highly attractive people who give an inspirational talk on a chosen topic and expose my insecurities at not having started my own social entrepreneurial start-up for orphans in Vietnam/ amazing carbon-neutral recycled clothing company/ flown to the moon to raise awareness for orphaned, disabled elephants.

Although seeing the work of self-taught paper engineer Benja Harney and Juliette Anich’s passion for The Clothing Exchange was really cool, the most engaging speakers took the theme of the day to heart. They stuck to the basics, no power point slides, just personal reflections on their life from 11Eleven Project Danielle Lauren’s undying love of her toy bunny that she’s had since she was six years old to Charles Prouse’s need to balance the role of CEO of the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy (NASCA) with the simple pleasure of flying a kite.

But the real show stopper was Jude Lawrence, self confessed party boy and leukaemia survivor. While still on maintenance therapy, Jude formed the company I Like to Party that now runs snowboard tours to Japan and New Zealand and dive tours to Thailand. Nine months of chemotherapy treatment gives you a lot of time to think or as Jude eloquently put “hitting the pause button”. And he summed it up his life goals quite nicely by explaining what a perfect day would look like:

Feelings: the treasure trove of memories that we have stored in our minds and can be revisited whenever we choose.
Relationships: have meaning in al relationships, new and old.
Experiences: have an intense experience or at least plan one every day.
Exercise: push yourself every day.
Discovery: learn and explore new ideas and new ways of thinking.
Om: meditation, stillness – his second ‘o’ was orgasm, but was too bashful to go into detail
Make progress: but don’t become overpowered on focusing to achieve a goal
Sunset: take time to write a journal and document the day with a photograph or writing.

For me I’m going to to take a bit of time today to think about why I do what I do, and what I really want from life. Time to dream big people 🙂

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