It’s all about priorities #auspol

I’ve had the TISM song Big Fucking Whoopee ear-worming into my brain all day. And quite frankly I blame the Government, particularly Bishop and Pyne.

My care factor about this whole what happened to some cash 20 years ago with Gillard’s bf of the time – BFW! This is the last sitting day of Parliament, and the PM has introduced into Parliament legislation kicking off the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  The bill sets out the structure and eligibility criteria for the scheme and will be voted on early 2013.

This is a big fucking deal people.

Did you have a shower this morning? Do you have two a day? None? But if you have a choice of when and if you shower, then you are most likely a fully able bodied person. You are very lucky then. There are thousands of people who need support for daily fundamentals like showering, going to the toilet and eating. And there are thousands of exhausted carers, family members and nurses – underpaid and under resourced and stretched to the limit.

I am lucky that my brother, although he has Cohen syndrome, is quite capable of looking after himself physically. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need any additional support to give him and my family respite care and that all important factor in anyone’s life, choice. The whole point of the NDIS is to give all Australian’s independence and opportunity, therefore people are not dependant and are given choice in their lives. This is brilliantly explained by Stella Young when she was on QandA recently, and from the ABC website

“Disability advocate Stella Young says the scheme will allow people with disabilities to more easily contribute to the economy. Ms Young used the example of her wheelchair, which costs $22,000, but would be provided for under a NDIS, to illustrate how the scheme would work. “If I have a functioning wheelchair I can work full time I can be a taxpayer, I don’t claim the disability support pension or any other government benefit,” she said. “If I didn’t have a functioning wheelchair I wouldn’t be able to leave my house, I wouldn’t be able to leave my bed, I’d require full time care, and I’d be very expensive [to the Australian taxpayer].””

In other news that no one in Government has mentioned at any point in question time this week is 35 yr old Omid Sorousheh, an Iranian asylum seeker  was hospitalised  after 47 days of hunger strike in Nauru. Also on Tuesday four other hunger-strikers collapsed and were given medical treatment in the camp. Nineteen asylum-seekers are currently on hunger-strike.

I’m so glad our elected officials are focussing on what really matters, areas of legislation which have massive quality of life and human dignity implications.