Happiness is a Big Issue

I rarely write happy blog posts. Mainly because they are very hard to write and I’m too busy doing whatever is making me happy to write about it.

I am generally a positive person too, perhaps that’s why my blogging of late has been so intermittent. Too busy and happy: what a tragic combination for a writer.

Why so chipper? Well the day wasn’t off to the best start, I dreamt I had a fight with my manfriend then when I woke up I couldn’t work out if it was dream or reality. Being unable to differentiate between being awake and unconsciousness is not a great start to the day, and is probably a sign of early dementia, anywhooo…

I silenced the voices in my head, particularly the lazy, Bargarse one saying ‘catch the bus, don’t walk, catch the bus.’ Ignoring the boom-bah lard-arse voice in my head, I left at a cracking pace to Redfern station pumping my system with endorphins and a dash of carbon monoxide al la Parramatta Rd. Then I came across one of my favourite Big Issue vendors, Bill. Bill is often around Sydney Uni campus and Central station. He has a blinged-up cart and often has some sort of outfit or quirky sales gimmick going on. Today was no exception, he was in a Santa outfit and had Christmas cards and toffees.  

There is something so great about Bill. He has wild stories from times gone by, and clearly hasn’t had an easy life. But he always has a smile for his customers, there are a lot of people out there who could learn a thing or two about customer service from Bill (yes, I am talking to you waiters/waitresses of Glebe: pull those broomsticks out from your bot bots, I’m not paying for a steaming cup of your bitterness because you haven’t made it as a model/film director/arty-farty profession of the day). It’s so easy to slide into rant-mode, back to Bill.

Bill is a bloody legend, and clearly does things his way, doesn’t give a crap what other people think, and makes people happy. Whether you sell the Big Issue or some shiney bum suit in the city, um, like I am, doing shit your own way and making people smile I think is a fantastic quality. Big ups to Bill!

When was the last time you did something for the first time? If you have never bought one, grab a Big Issue – only $6, and $3 goes to the vendor. A long time purchaser? Set aside 3 minutes to chat to your vendor, fingers crossed you find Bill – then you’ll get a toffee as well!

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