who am I?

Sanguine, silly and a dash of strange, Jen is passionate about the environment, education and people being nice to each other.

She has worked on the interwebs and social media for 8 or so years in international education and aid & development. For a year she lived in the Philippines on Samar island creating a website in a place that often didn’t have power (which was tricky). This experience of extreme heat, frustration and the warm and fuzzy feeling of ‘saving the world’ working with Sentro ha Pagpauswag ha Panginabuhi, (SPPI) also known as the Centre for Local Economy Development, lead to a career shift into NGO land.

With her academic albatross, otherwise known as a Master of Management, released from her neck she can now be seen swanning around the inner west of Sydney seeking out lattes. I currently work for a mutual in Public Affairs and Internal Communication, all my views on this blog are my own *insert usual disclaimer here*.

Jen gleans great delight from music, american tribal style bellydance, photography, body art, reading and writing about herself in the third person.